I can’t focus at work today. There are just too many exciting things happening!

1) The weekend is almost here! I need to pick a fun, kickass hike, that’s family friendly.

2) The other half and I are watching Tokyo Police Club tonight at The Republik. While I love living in Hawaii, I’m having some major live music withdrawals. Thank goodness The Head and the Heart played here last month!

3) I registered for my trip to Nepal next year. The other half and I are going to hike to the Everest base camp. Agh!!! So exciting!

4) I have many many new, kickass fitblrs I’m following!

And 5) I am slowly but surely getting better at this. And by this I mean, making healthier choices, following through on my workout plan, sticking to my routine. It’s a great feeling! It’s still a struggle, but one I feel confident I can overcome.

And yeah, agh! Is it 5pm yet????

FMLS90 Day 3 - Part 2

How did I get here?

And here is the heaviest I’ve ever been other than while pregnant. That is a good question.

The simple answer is, I was unhappy. I was dissatisfied with my life. I had plenty to be thankful for, but I just wasn’t feeling it. So I got lazy, watched a lot of TV, ate out or ordered in most of my meals, and drank quite a bit. And by quite a bit, I mean a lot. Not “Charlie Sheen” a lot, but “college kid at a party school” a lot.

Since then I’ve snapped out of it. I’m less moody and a lot happier. I’m struggling with getting back into shape, bad habits are hard to break, but it’s getting easier every day. It’s all rainbows and unicorns now my friends!

FMLS90 Day 3 - Part 1

Why lose weight/get more fit?

Because I’m a parent. There is a young, impressionable child I am responsible for who tells me regularly that she wants to be just like me. I need to be the woman I want her to grow up to be, and that woman in my mind is healthy, active, and adventurous.

Because when I get off my lazy butt and workout, I actually enjoy it. I enjoy running, hiking, being outdoors. I enjoy the quality time being active affords my family and I, versus the minimal interactions watching TV and staring at cell phones and computer screens allow.

Because I feel better when I workout. I have more energy, less mood swings, I’m happier.

Because I care about my appearance. While I’m trying not to focus on aesthetics or losing weight to be skinny, I do want to look better than I do now. Do I need a six pack and thigh gap? Nah. But I would like to be able to wear my old clothes again.

And finally, because I want to do badass shit like climb a mountain, hike to base camp (which I just registered to do next year), and take a pretentious photo of myself doing yoga on some mountain top or beach somewhere in tiny Lululemon apparel.


I have a new obsession: reading all posts tagged with #FMLS90! I love them all!

I am a reader and a writer. I joined Tumblr in hopes of finding other bloggers in similar situations writing about their journeys. And up until yesterday, I hadn’t really found more than a couple. Most of the fitblogs I found were endless reblogged motivational photos, which are great and motivational, but not what I was hoping for.

And then I found the FMLS90 challenge; and now I’m following a bunch of really kickass blogs that have real content. And I’m excited!

Day 3 post to follow!


Bikini Burn HIIT Training


So I got that Bikini Burn HIIT Training program thing going around for 99 cent because, hey it’s 99 cent and it’s not like I’m gonna spend it on anything better…

And I have been slain. In 20 minutes.

If this thing doesn’t do a ton in the 30 days I’ll be surprised.

Stephanie Keenan from SKFitLife (I think) e-mails free monthly HIIT workouts if you sign up for her newsletter.

Cross Training

First off, is cross training one word or two?

Second, cross training was on my calendar today. A long time ago, in my younger days, I wanted to compete. I signed up for online training through Cathy Savage Fitness. I figured since I was supposed to cross train today, I’d dig up one of her old workouts and lift some weights at the gym.

That was what I thought would happen. Here’s what really happened: I dug out an old workout; a basic one just to get me back into weight training since I can’t remember the last time I did any. And I walked to the gym. There I found so many people, the only weights and machines not in use were the cardio ones.

Frustration. That’s what ensued. Absolute frustration. I ended up settling for 20 minutes on the elliptical. Not that that’s a terrible thing, but it wasn’t what I had set out to do.

For next week, I’m busting out Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. I can do it at home and I won’t have to wait for my turn to use a dumbbell. Yup, that’s the plan.


I may not have mentioned this during my “Day 1” intro, but I am obsessed with Korean dramas. I’ve watched Secret Garden, A Gentleman’s Dignity, Boys Over Flowers, etc. Currently, I’m doing my best not to binge watch Playful Kiss.

That being said, I allowed myself to watch an episode or two tonight. Korean dramas have a way of sucking me in, so I’ve made it a point to only watch them once in a while. Tonight I watched episode 4, and as episode 5 began, I quickly noticed the English subtitles were missing…

Sweet baby Jesus! No!!!!!

I checked on Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Google and nothing. I can’t find that damn episode with the subtitles. Damn you Netflix!

My heart is broken.